Mentoring & Training Programs for Mangers who want more Intentional leadership skills 

Are you looking for actionable strategies, mentoring and guidance that directly impacts your ability to lead your team to better bottom line results? Our mentoring and training programs can help you achieve those results and more.

Confidence Skill High

The "new normal" looks different across many businesses in the post-pandemic era. You may be struggling to determine what version of the "new normal" will work best for your company regarding what is achievable and what employees require.

Keeping employees engaged while balancing productivity and commitment with understanding and empathy in the Covid-19 environment is a difficult challenge in today's work environment.

Working virtual has been a help for some team members as they worked through this past year of dealing with the pandemic. For others, it has been (and continues to be) a time of stress and grief.

I offer various mentoring and training options to address your employees' collective and individual needs that will enable you to keep them engaged and productive and at YOUR company. 

Each year in the US workforce, almost 81% of individuals are severely impacted by grief events, including death, illness, a pandemic, accidents, natural disasters, terrorism, divorce, finances, and downsizing. Are a large number of your employees in the 81%?

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Services Needed to Address Today's Workplace 

High Productivity Accelerator


This 3 month, 6 month, or 1 year skills accelerator for c-level and mid-level managers focuses on acquiring the needed skills to move your team from disconnect to productive and engaged.

Manager Consulting/Mentoring


Our meetings ensure that individual concerns are addressed. Issues typically covered include productivity, culture, and hiring/onboarding practices that must be adjusted to today's workplace. Often during these talks, the focus is on issues surrounding workload and reassignments.

Support On-Demand  


There is usually little or no warning when your workplace is affected by "the great resignation" issues such as employee disconnect, crisis, or employee resignation. This program offers your company the support needed to ensure that today's issues are being addressed, a mitigation plan put in place, and you can quickly respond to the changes with minimal disruption to your workplace and productivity.

A Trauma Informed Workplace


It is critical to offer a "trauma-informed" workplace to ensure that managers understand how to address individual concerns and be willing to put in place a way to address the specific, sensitive needs of employee(s) going through crisis, trauma, loss, or stress. Training managers to have difficult, sensitive conversations leads to more satisfied employees who stay engaged in the work long term.

arrows with process for successful outcome

I make no assumptions that I know the issues and concerns facing your company. I use this 4-step plan as a guide to understand and then address what is blocking your effectiveness. Only after that do I focus on increasing the skills needed to improve your management style and abilities.

The “Customer First” Method

Your employees are your customers (in a manner of speaking). Getting the right person in the right job at the right time is critical to your business's success. Keeping them is just as important. There is a high cost to your bottom line when you lose a valued employee. Don't delay. Start today to put a program in place that ensures you will hire and keep your valued, productive employees.

Ways I can help

  • Improve hiring process/interviewing
  • Communication skills improvement
  • 1-1 Manager Mentoring
  • Trauma-Informed Workplace

Build Productive Habits

In today's fast-paced workplace, employees are demanding more of their employers than ever before. Don't risk losing your top performers because your managers do not have the skills needed. Schedule a call today to set up a time to talk to assess skills gaps and provide some insight into how you can start improving today.

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